Tonight at 6pm- CHC Hearing on the Future of the Curious George Building

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On November 3, the Cambridge Historical Commission voted in favor of initiating a Landmark Study on the Out-Of-Town News Kiosk. This was a victory for Our Harvard Square, and all of Harvard Square, which will benefit from a study of the physical features and historic uses of the Out-of-Town News Kiosk. We believe that such a study will illuminate aspects of the history of a building which has truly come to define Harvard Square. Such findings could also unearth a history of the Square which is waiting to be discovered. The Out-of-Town News Kiosk is a property owned by the City of Cambridge; as such, we view initiating this study as a victory for our rights as Cambridge residents to seek protection for and knowledge of the places and spaces that color our great city.

Tonight, December 1, plans to redevelop another historic property in Harvard Square, 1-7 & 9-11 JFK St. and 18-20 Brattle St., also known as “The Abbot Building”, “The Curious George Building” and “Dewey, Cheetham and Howe” will be heard in front of the Cambridge Historical Commission. Revised plans for a luxury shopping area in the property proposed by the large shopping center development group Equity One will again be heard in front of the Cambridge Historical Commission. Our Harvard Square, and many of the other residents, shop owners, employees, students and frequent visitors to Harvard Square will be present. The scale of the Equity One project is huge, in terms of Harvard Square; when construction is initiated, traffic will be closed through JFK St. and Brattle St. for 24 months or more. The Equity One project, if passed, will also displace local retailers and businesses, as well as make serious aesthetic changes to the property, a Harvard Square favorite.

Please join us and other concerned citizens at the Cambridge Historical Commission meeting tonight, December 1. The Hearing begins at 6:00pm in the 2nd Floor Sullivan Chamber of Cambridge City Hall.

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